The Importance of Choosing Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

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Everyone agrees that wedding is a special event that (hopefully) happens once in a lifetime. It is no wonder if detailed planning and excruciatingly careful arrangements have been made long before the big day. You should also pay attention to the little elements and details, such as the wedding cake and also the wedding cake toppers.

Hmm, wedding cake toppers, you say? What’s its significant role in the whole deal, anyway? Well, you probably don’t realize it as you think that you are the center of everyone’s attention on your big day. Well, everything about your wedding will be the center of attention – from the style of the gown that you wear to the type of wedding cake topper you choose. You see, your wedding cake will be the highlight of the event, so it is only natural if the wedding topper will also be the main focus of everyone’s attention. If you want to create memorable and unforgettable effect, make sure to choose the right cake topper – or your wedding will go by boring and easily to forget.

The Main Functions and Importance of the Wedding Cake Topper

The types of wedding cake and the cake topper will represent who you are and what kind of person you really are. For instance, if you go with love symbol with both initials, you are showing yourself as a romantic person to the world. If you want to show your humorous and whimsical side, you should go with funny wedding cake toppers. If you think that such cake toppers don’t exist or they aren’t really easy to find, think again. You will be surprised of how easy it is to find the one that you like, or have a custom work that will suit your needs and requirements.

On the contrary to what people believe, a wedding cake topper can make a huge difference in the wedding event. If you choose an ordinary and regular cake topper, you won’t be making any huge impact. If your guests are all bored and ready to flee the scene as soon as possible, don’t take it personally; it is probably the air and atmosphere that makes them behave that way. However, if you are able to choose unique and funny wedding topper, not only you can entertain your guests, you can also create memorable events that still bring smiles to their faces.

Put yourself in their shoes and imagine this: you attend someone’s wedding without having any hopes or expectations, and suddenly you see this funny but right on wedding cake topper that reminds you immediately to the couples. Whenever you look at the topper or remember it, you are always smiling or chuckling happily, and the party isn’t that bad, after all. If the cake topper is able to make deep impression to you, you will still remember it many-many days ahead and still be smiling whenever you do it.

That’s how important a funny cake topper is. With the right topper, you send out the right message while entertaining your guests at the same time. Of course, choosing what kind of cake topper you want to include totally depends on you, but now that you have understood its significance, the task of finding the right topper shouldn’t be considered light or simple.

How to Choose the Right Topper

Never underestimate the intricate and difficult process of choosing a cake topper. If you do it, you will be overwhelmed without you even realizing it.

  • What kind of cake topper you want to have? A wedding cake topper generally comes in a pair of standing human figurine representing the bride and groom.       This is quite common and general, so you are welcomed to try other figurines. Animal figurines can also be an alternative option. If both of you are into dogs, for instance, you can have a pair of dog figurines with one wearing a tux and one wearing a veil. What if you like different kind of animals? Don’t worry, it is still doable although it is highly unusual and rare. If you are into dogs and your partner is into cats, place both of them on the cake. The dog can wear a tux (or at least a bow tie) while the cat can wear a veil.
  • Are you going with the regular and ordinary style, or you want to choose the unique forms? Going with the ordinary style means that you choose the human standing figurines – although you can make custom changes of the dress, the tux, and others. But why going with ordinary option if you can create something unique? For instance, if both of you are into Facebook so much, why not having a pair of blue Facebook logo, but one has a moustache and bow tie, while one is wearing a lipstick, representing the bride and the groom. This is highly unique and you can’t expect others to match it.
  • Are you ready with the untraditional look or the traditional one? Keep in mind that having unique and even custom order requires more attention, energy, and time. Be prepared to have more than one cake tasting and cake topper display, or be prepared to go back and forth to the wedding cake shops to make sure that your custom order is nicely and perfectly executed. If you aren’t ready to commit your time and energy, then go with the regular design. All you have to do is to pick a certain style from their portfolio and you only need to have one testing period. however, if you want a custom order, you will have more than one testing period and you may want to correct this and that in order to create something totally flawless.
  • Have you settled the wedding cake design? The cake topper will be placed on the top part of the cake, so it is crucial that its proportion goes along with the highest cake part. Choose your wedding cake first, and then go with the topper; not the other way around. If you choose the topper first then moving to the cake, the possibility of errors and mistakes will be bigger.