Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for Efficient Ways to Manage Everything

kitchen remodeling ideas

Managing storage containers can be quite difficult and confusing, especially if you have limited space in the kitchen. When you are doing kitchen remodeling work, make sure that storage is included within the planning and the scheme. There are actually smart and low cost ways that you can do in implementing your kitchen remodeling ideas…and they are all easy to execute! All you need to do is to focus on your creative side and make clever planning for the total arrangement.

Here are some simple ways to manage the storage system:

  • Come with your own storage bar. If you have kitchen island, it is likely that you don’t use the underneath side. Stack wooden crates in one side of the island, and use the crates to store cans, veggies, and others. You can use clear containers, colorful jars, containers with labels, and such things alike to keep the stuffs.
  • Come with multi functional furniture that can be used to store items, as work station, and as artwork display area. This way is most effective when you have small area in the kitchen. Make sure that all the important stuffs are easily found and reached. For instance, a countertop with drawers, built in microwave, and racks on the top are ideal for this purpose. The countertops can be used for preparing the food, the microwave is used for cooking, and the racks can be used to display your favorite accessories or artworks, such as sculptures or paintings.
  • Make use of hidden slots of spaces. If you have toe kicks under the cabinets, you can use them to store the cooking or baking items. I have one at home and I use them to keep my baking utensils. I also have hidden slots around the cabinets which I use to slip in recipes or even my medicines.
  • Open your kitchen. It is okay to have tall cabinets that are reaching to the ceiling, but you should come with open space concept in case you have small kitchen. You can remove the doors and let it come in open-rack model. If you aren’t into such open space concept, you can replace the doors with glass doors, so they are still transparent and yet protected from dust. The open space concept will accentuate the open model while improving storage capacity to the maximum level.

Those are some simple and easy to do transformation. You won’t need to consult professionals to achieve efficient and effective kitchen management. However, you may need to ask for professional help if you want to have customized cabinet. There are also some other ways that you can do, such as:

  • When you have tall cabinets or your kitchen is filled with difficult-to-reach spaces, consider adding sliding ladder to make the space functional.
  • Consider outward sliding doors. You will be surprised to find out that they are highly efficient and effective.
  • Make use cabinets and drawers. If you have a kitchen cabinets, you can place additional metal racks on the inside part of the doors so you can keep containers or cans.